Amos the puffer

Welcome to the astounding.org.uk astounding web pages, hosted by Amos the mbu puffer fish.

This is Amos, he was a freshwater puffer fish, a member of the species Tetraodon mbu. We kept Amos from early 1996 to November 2001, when he died. There's more about him, in memoriam, on Ian's pages.

What's here?

Pages by Ian No pages by Jane.
Ian Jane
Ian's pages are mostly about computers, bicycle wheels (finite element analysis and hub gear innards), fish including Amos the puffer and radio control hovercraft. His other big interest, bridges, has not been added yet. Jane's pages don't exist yet.

No pages by Rachel None by Laura either.
Rachel Laura
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What are the pages optimised for?

Nothing, we hope. Ian's operating system of choice is Linux, and part of the philosophy of Linux is 'free' software. Free in this context does not mean without cost, it's more to do with freedom. Tying users to a proprietary standard by 'optimising' away their choice is a bad thing. We hope everything here complies with an HTML standard, though it's probably a long-obsolete one.

Aren't these pages under construction?

Of course they are, have you ever met a personal homepage that wasn't? We last made significant changes on 3 February 2019, so if you've been here since then, you can probably go away again.

To comment on anything (please do) email ian.web@astounding.org.uk